Innovations in paper and packaging create more chances to choose sustainable, recyclable products.

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Innovation Helps Minimize Waste

Paper-based packaging is designed with recycling in mind—it’s both meant to be recycled and made from recycled material. Using just the right amount of packaging to keep the products intact, we’ve come with exciting new ways to package everything from beverages to medical supplies.


Creating More Sustainable Choices For You

Now that a growing number of brands are doing away with nonrenewable packaging materials and replacing them with innovative paper-based packaging that comes from a renewable resource: trees, you’ve got more choices than ever before. Whether it’s produce packaging, cardboard coolers or paper beverage rings, new products make life more convenient and enable you to be good environmental stewards.


Investing in Paper Recycling Advances

Paper companies are driving innovation in paper recycling in ways that benefit the industry, consumers, and most importantly, the environment. The paper and wood products industry has planned or announced about $5 billion in manufacturing infrastructure investments by 2024.



Challenging and Fun Ways to Innovate

“Pack It! The Packaging Recycling Design Challenge” is our video series where we challenge talented designers to create innovative and sustainable paper-based packages for a beauty subscription box and a meal delivery kit.


Consumer product brands are thinking outside the box and helping to shape the future of paper-based packaging. Meet the packaging innovators.