A Delivery Meal Kit That's Convenient for You and Healthy for the Environment

Delivery Meal Kit

On this episode of Pack It! The Packaging Recycling Design Challenge – design professors Fitgi Saint-Louis and Garreth Blackwell go head-to-head with the challenge of rethinking and redesigning the most unique and innovative recyclable paper-based packaging for a meal subscription box containing ingredients to make a frittata that include leeks, eggs, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and seasonings.

Follow along with host Cassie Stephens, and judge and national packaging buyer at healthy meal kit and meal delivery company Sunbasket, Nicholas “Nico” Rico, as they evaluate the contestants’ designs on their recyclability, innovation and protective features.

To learn more about sustainable packaging solutions and the renewable nature of paper, visit www.howlifeunfolds.com/forestry.