Care for Your Skin, Care for the Planet

sk*p paper boxes

With social media being flooded with beauty DIYs, health tips, and hair and skincare routines by influencers, it’s clear that younger generations are increasingly valuing what they put in and on their bodies. Not only that, younger consumers are becoming more environmentally conscientious as we see a movement towards sustainability and preferences for nature-friendly products with 67% of Millennials preferring to buy from sustainable brands as of 2021. 

sk*p shower carton


As this shift continues, we’re seeing more beauty companies switch to alternative sources for their hair and skincare products by using vegan ingredients, nature-based formulas and, most importantly, paper-based packaging. Here are two growing brands that value sustainability in their products and packaging. 

sk*p: Using natural ingredients—including honey from their own farms—and eco-friendly paper-based packaging, sk*p (simply be kind to our planet) creates skin and haircare products for a generation dedicated to their health and planet. Not only that, but they’re also pioneers in the movement to reduce plastic waste in the beauty industry. Their innovative BeautyCarton is a fully recyclable and shower-friendly, paper-based product packaging that uses 95% less plastic than traditional beauty packaging, furthering the movement towards plastic reduction in the industry. 

The Good Hippie: A brand that strongly values honesty in their products, The Good Hippie uses natural formulas and eco-friendly packaging that aims to give back to the earth while revitalizing hair and skin. With 100% vegan ingredients, glass containers, biodegradable packaging and zero plastic waste, this brand believes that care in each step of the beauty process produces real results, and that skin and hair care should be a therapeutic experience for both the body and the earth. 

For more information about the movement towards sustainability in products and packaging in the health and beauty industry, readers can learn more in HowLifeUnfolds’ article, Health and Beauty Product Packaging Gets a Makeover.  

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