Packaging Recycling Design Challenge: Creating The Ultimate Cat-Friendly Packaging

Zach and Emma next to their paper and packaging materials smiling before the competition begins

In this season of Pack It! The Packaging Recycling Design Challenge, former contestants Emma Dayton and Zachary Weston return to help solve host Cassie Stephens' cat-related packaging dilemma

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Pack It! The Packaging Recycling Design Challenge returns with an exhilarating new showdown and an all new bite sized format optimized for social. Hosted by the ever-creative Cassie Stephens, the new episode features past contestants Emma Dayton and Zachary Weston competing in another high-stakes, earth-friendly showdown.

The rivalry with Emma and Zachary spans several years, as students they often competed in the same design competitions. According to Emma, Zachary is a “rockstar in the packaging world,” so she was both nervous and excited when they went head-to-head last year in Pack It! to create the best packaging to transport delicate produce.

This year, the contestants have graduated and are now professional packaging designers. They’re going head-to-head again to create recyclable packaging that can safely ship a delicate catnip plant, while also doubling as a cat scratch pad for Cassie’s adorable kitties. And remember, contestants must think about the product’s recyclability from the very beginning of the design process and they are only allowed to use sustainable paper-based materials, which when recycled properly, can be made into new products up to seven times. 

When you opt for paper packaging, you can take pride in knowing you’re supporting renewable resources rather than relying on those made from fossil fuels. Watch as these designers embrace paper-based packaging in unique and creative ways, from brainstorming and sketching to cutting and assembling. Along the way, Emma and Zachary will face unexpected hurdles and tight deadlines, but their determination to put the planet’s well-being first and impress Cassie to win the competition keeps them going.

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion as Cassie judges their final creations based on innovation, recyclability and functionality. With the added twist of having the packages evaluated by none other than Cassie’s three cats!

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