Take Your Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt to the Forest

Animal Scavenger Hunt

The neighborhood scavenger hunt is having a renaissance. Once done by knocking on neighbors’ doors, the socially distanced version involves searching for things one can find just by walking through the neighborhood, like garden gnomes and yellow flowers. Neighborhoods have made the game more playful—and more communal—by “planting” items for other scavengers to find, including placing teddy bears in windows to assist families #goingonabearhunt.

Download and join the scavenger hunt here.
Download and join the scavenger hunt here

We love a good scavenger hunt for kids, and we also appreciate a walking challenge, especially when it’s a stroll in the woods. Our printable “Friends in the Forest” neighborhood scavenger hunt set lets your family play along. Download the six images, print them out, color them in as a family and hang them in a window for other families to spot. Because even at a time of social and physical separation, paper has the power to bring us together.

Keep your neighborhood green by doing your part and recycling!