Best Practices for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Cardboard boxes

No matter where we live, we all call earth our home. So, it makes sense to care for it just as we do our personal living spaces. Making smart choices around the house—like choosing paper and packaging products—is an easy way to care for your home (and the planet).

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Print the advertorial

Victory in the Garden

Use cardboard to create a template for a flower garden by cutting holes, planting bulbs, and covering in mulch. The cardboard will break down and eventually contribute valuable nutrients to the soil.

Folder files

Control Clutter

Keep track of important papers like insurance, financial, and auto records by placing organized color-coded folders. Keep action items like school permission slips in an easily accessible “To Do” folder.

Cardboard boxes

Empty, Flatten, Recycle

When discarding shipping boxes, remember to empty, flatten, and recycle for proper disposal.

Cardboard desk

Works Like a Charm

Whether you’re working from home or looking to design a study area for your kids, why not try a cardboard desk? They’re sturdy, affordable, and best of all when you’re ready to remodel, they’re recyclable!