Repurpose Boxes to Make Your Own Seed Paper

Seed Paper

If you've done some online shopping, recently moved or even threw a birthday party, there are probably more boxes floating around your home than usual. Cardboard is recyclable, but there are creative ways to reuse cardboard, too.

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One of those ways: handmade seed paper. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own paper, this is a great, easy project. The seed paper makes nice gift cards, too—flower seeds are enmeshed in the handmade paper, so your card recipient can plant the paper and have a new “gift” when the seeds sprout. (Yet another reason that cardboard is sustainable: It’s biodegradable.)

Use the seed paper to make your own cards, place cards for special events—or, for people who are known for sending out greeting cards of their own, a bundle of them as a gift to share with others.

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