How to Host an Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Picnic

Picnic full of food served on paper plates

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than hosting a picnic, barbecue or get together. Outdoor entertaining is a great way to see friends and family while the weather is nice. And it turns out that using paper and cardboard to create the party is one of the easiest and greenest ways of coming together.

Paper and cardboard are almost all you need to create and host an outdoor gathering. From putting on an impressive spread to providing entertainment, paper and cardboard have you covered. Even better, for those who are concerned about sustainability, paper and cardboard are a perfect fit. Almost all the paper products you need for an outdoor get together are recyclable. If you are unsure, we have a handy recycling guide to help you sort out your concerns.

Here are some ways to put on a fun and sustainably conscious outdoor affair that is sure to please people of all ages.

  • Individual dining: Have guests spread out chairs or blankets to accommodate social distancing. Worried about guests balancing their food and drink? Cardboard to the rescue again! Provide each guest with a shallow box to put their plated food and beverages in along with paper towels and napkins. Find or make boxes similar to the boxes we often get at the movie theaters to keep all our concession stand treats together. These boxes balance on laps or lay flat on the ground while sitting on a blanket, keeping all your food in one place.  
  • Space out activities: If you are planning activities for adults or kids, consider those where social distancing can be maintained. All you need is cardboard and paper. Have children take turns playing ring toss. You can build your own ring toss out of cardboard. You can also throw a handmade paper plate frisbee around. And of course, the classic paper airplane contest. Children can take turns tossing a paper airplane from a pre-determined line to see whose plane goes the farthest.
  • Wrap up the party in style: Leftovers? No problem. Provide take away paper bags and cardboard boxes for guests to bring home their favorite treats from the soiree. By using recyclable containers, guests can enjoy their favorite recipes and not have to worry about washing and returning a glass or plastic dish but thoughtfully recycle instead.

By using paper and cardboard, we can host fun picnics and barbecues that will bring us together in a responsible and safe way that is also sustainable and conscious for the environment.