4 Holiday Paper Decorations
and Table Setting Ideas
That Give Thanks to Our Forests

4 Holiday Paper Decorations
and Table Setting Ideas
That Give Thanks to Our Forests

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As you take time to give thanks for family and friends this holiday season, give thanks to our forests too. Then learn how setting your table with sustainably made paper products nourishes our forests.

U.S. forestlands give us cleaner air by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, clearer water by acting as a natural filter, and more opportunities to see our nation’s flora and fauna by fostering wildlife habitats.

So say thanks to our forests at your table—and demonstrate your gratitude by decking out that table with paper products. When your feast includes paper products, you’re directly supporting forest health and reminding the people you love that our decisions can nourish the planet. Here are four ways to give back to the forests this holiday season.

Make Place Cards

Put a card at the place setting of each diner to let them know how thankful you are for their place in your life. After all, giving thanks in note form is not just for people who give you presents; it’s also for those whose presence makes you thankful. So pen a handwritten note of appreciation to let each person at the table know you care about them.

Don't forget your printouts!

Gather Around Paper Centerpieces

A festive centerpiece can set the tone for any holiday. Try a tablescape of paper leaves. Also include an empty bowl on the table with some pens, and have guests write what they are grateful for on a paper leaf. Over dessert, read the leaves out loud while enjoying some pumpkin pie.

Or combine the two ideas and create a centerpiece standout: a gratitude tree. Collect branches from outside and place them in a vase. Decorate the branches with paper acorns and leaves. Throughout the day, family members can add their thanks on individual leaves and hang them on the tree.

Expand the Children’s Table

Admit it: After years of dreaming about making it to the adult table, you secretly wish you could go back to the children’s table. So forget the fancy linens and cover the table in kraft paper! Scatter crayons around the table for people to create their own table covering. Take it further with these ideas:

  • Use the “tablecloth” for tic-tac-toe or hangman. Or try a holiday version of Pictionary by drawing what you are most thankful for and having people guess what it is. 
  • Add paper or cardboard place mats to the mix.
  • Keep little helpers busy with these coloring page menus, which can further beautify the table.

Share the Love

Isn’t one of the best parts of the holidays all the leftovers? Load up on take-home paper boxes from a craft store or restaurant supply shop so you can send guests home with leftover turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings. (Don’t forget a separate box for a slice or two of pie!) Add festive labels to keep the spirit alive.

No matter who is at your table this year, paper and cardboard can help you honor them—and the planet—in style.