Make Your Holidays Pop


Holiday cards feeling a little flat? These three simple pop-up holiday cards will add a new dimension to the season. Everyone who receives one of your handmade cards will see it for the gift it is. Download and print out the templates below, which have complete instructions on them. (Be sure to print them on 8.5-by-11-inch paper on the landscape setting for best results.)

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Double down on the pleasure of crafting by hosting a card-making party. Adults can handle all the cards on their own; if you’re hosting families, suggest that they start with the Christmas tree and snowman cards, letting the kids cut out the green strips (for the Christmas tree) and the snowman shapes. These require less precision than assembling the cards. Older kids with a steady hand may appreciate the challenge of cutting the more intricate design of the snowflake card.*

As for the party itself, think low-key. This is a hectic time of year, so the idea here is to foster community without any pressure to be “on.” Achieve this vibe by striking a moderate, cozy tone in all aspects of party planning.

  • Snacks: Opt for nongreasy snacks at the table to avoid getting oily smears on the cards. Fruit, crudités, and cheese or meat assortments speared with toothpicks will keep partygoers’ bellies well-fed (and their fingers grease-free). If you want to have heartier offerings available, heat up some finger foods (mini quiches, pigs in a blanket). Encourage gathering in the kitchen to eat when these goodies are fresh out of the oven and then returning to the craft table afterward. And whatever you do, have plenty of paper napkins!
  • Beverages: What’s more wholesome than crafting? Crafting with the scent of mulled cider wafting through the room. Mull a large batch of cider, and have paper cups with lids on hand to help limit the damage any spills can do.
  • Setup: Keep an assortment of large paper plates at the ready—not for food, but to serve as personal supply trays for each guest. Guests can put the pieces of the card they’re crafting onto their plates as they work.
  • Decor: If you haven’t added a card garland to your holiday decorations yet, now’s the time. Displaying holiday cards your household has received reminds guests of the delight that their cards will bring to their recipients.

Most of all, have fun! A perfectly symmetrical cutout card is a beauty to behold—but a crooked snowman made with joy and love might be even better.

*Adult supervision required.


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