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Want to become an agent of change?
Your choices can help plant more trees, protect wildlife habitats and create less waste.

Show your love for forests with paper

Forests need us as much as we need them. That’s why sustainability is the backbone of the paper industry. But paper—and its impact on forest health—is often misunderstood. So if you want the real truth, learn how choosing paper is an act of caring for the environment.

Up your recycling game

Recycling isn’t rocket science, but you can still make it a blast. Get creative with building your own at-home recycling center, and take the guesswork out of recycling by learning the do's and don'ts of what goes in the bin.

Think outside the box

Consumers are paying closer attention to product sustainability, and that attention has fueled a rise in paper-based packaging in the beverage industry. It’s also a reason to get even more excited about unboxings


Faces of the Forest

Over half of America's forestland belongs to families and individual landowners, and it's up to them to look after some of our most precious resources. Meet the faces of the forest.

Cardboard boxes are one of the most recycled forms of packaging—good thing, too, given how many of them arrive at our doorsteps. Educate yourself about the nuances of waste and what can be recycled.

Care packages are a great way to let someone know you care. Give your kiddos a care package that stands out from the rest with paper and cardboard. Because the paper and boxes we rely on every day are designed to be easily recycled up to 7 times. 

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