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Make a new holiday tradition with these recycling tips

Do you get excited about sending and receiving holiday cards? How about wrapping (and even better, unwrapping) gifts covered in brightly colored paper? If so, you’re in luck: All of these festive paper and paper-based items can be recycled!


Show your love for forests with paper

Forests need us as much as we need them, not only for the oxygen trees produce, but also for activities like yoga, hiking and forest bathing. That's why sustainability is the backbone of the paper industry.

Celebrate the holidays sustainably with this guide

With the holiday season in full swing, you may be looking for ways to celebrate more sustainably this year. Luckily, using paper is a simple, effective way to be a force for nature – it comes from a plant-based, renewable resource that can be recycled up to seven times! 

sustainability guide

Faces of the Forest

Over half of America's forestland belongs to families and individual landowners, and it's up to them to look after some of our most precious resources. Meet the faces of the forest.

Recycling keeps paper out of landfills and makes the most of our natural resources. But there are also a lot of recycling myths around paper packaging that can inhibit the recycling process. Here’s everything you need to know about paper sustainability and recycling tips.

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