Be an environmental hero and recycle your paper and paper-based packaging.

Easy Does It

Did you know that paper and paper-based packaging are easy materials to recycle? On average annually, 91.4% of corrugated cardboard packaging and 68% of paper is recycled in the U.S. It’s so easy that even kids can get in on the act from a young age.


Make It a Habit

Creating your own at-home recycling center is one of the simplest and most impactful ways you can make recycling a habit. Having multiple bins and putting them in readily accessible places where you usually dispose of trash can help make recycling second nature.


Empty, Flatten, Recycle

While fewer than half of Americans know the basics of recycling, the steps involved in recycling cardboard boxes are simple: 1. Empty boxes, removing all excess paper, products and other materials. 2. Flatten boxes by safely breaking them down at every corner. (Cartons should be rinsed and put in the bin unflattened.) 3. Recycle the cardboard and paper materials according to local guidelines.



Sustainable by Design

The cellulose fibers that paper products are made of can be reused up to seven times to make new products, including catalogs and shipping boxes. But the paper industry starts to recycle even before a single box has been made. By “recycling” byproducts into biomass energy, paper mills ensure that no part of the tree goes to waste.


Keep a recycling bin at home


Have more than one bin in your home

Ensure that everyone in the household pitches in

Keep a list of recyclables in a visible place


Opt in for curbside pickup if it’s available in your area

Place your recycling bin in an easily accessible location

Avoid throwing recyclables in the trash

Start with something easy, like paper, to begin making recycling a habit