Ideas for Care Packages

Ideas for Summer Camp Care Packages

Care packages are a great way to let someone know you care. Give your kiddos a care package that stands out from the rest with paper and packaging with easy ideas.

Care Package Items

Make sure you know what you are and are not allowed to send to your kids, if applicable. After reading the policy, check out these care package ideas for inspiration.

  • Reading materials: magazines, books and comics
  • Games and goodies for the group: items your kids and their friends can enjoy together, such as playing cards.
  • Pictures: photos of the family and pets. 
  • Activities for downtime: puzzles, coloring books and mind games

Other fun care package ideas include snacks and meal enhancers like their favorite snacks (if food is permitted), disposable cameras, batteries for electronics, magic tricks, additional toiletries, forgotten items and glow sticks.

Don't forget to send a postcard!
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Pack and Decorate Your Custom Care Package

Create a unique care package by making sure it’s not just what’s inside the box that’s special, but also the experience your child gets when opening it.

Make it count. Consider packing multiple gifts or letters together in one super care package. You can create an envelope train filled with handwritten letters each labeled with the day it’s to be opened, or wrap small gifts in a similar manner. Know when your kiddos are having a special event or occasion? Send something to celebrate or give them some extra confidence with a message that says, “Open me the day before!”

Dress it up. Use tissue or wrapping paper to individually wrap each item. If you’re sending a cylinder jar of candy or cookies, use construction paper to cover and decorate the outside. Then cut out letters to create your child’s initials and glue them on top.

Or, individually wrap candy and other goodies in a crepe paper mystery ball that your kids can unravel to discover all the surprises tucked inside.

Add a colorful bang to your box. Line the inside flaps of your care package box with bold construction paper. Use his favorite colors and her most-loved sequins, glitter, stamps and cutouts to spell out messages. Get creative—it’s one of the first things your little one will see.

Make a homemade card. Use construction paper, stencils, stickers, stamps, markers and glitter to create a unique homemade card with a handwritten, personalized note. Write encouraging words from back home letting your camper know he or she is loved and missed. You can also include updates from family members and neighbors, jokes and funny stories.

Out of practice penning handwritten letters? Check out these tips from Grace Atwood, founder of lifestyle blog The Stripe.

Place all your wrapped gifts, envelopes and games inside the camp care package with your card on top.

Help Them Write Home with Paper

Before sealing the box, toss in a set of pre-addressed stationery or postcards that your kids can use not only to thank you for sending cool care packages, but also to write to family and friends about their adventures.

Adventure Land postcard

Download and print these “Greetings from Adventureland” postcards on card stock and include them in your care packages. Pre-address and stamp several of the postcards before tying them up with a curled ribbon and placing them inside your custom care package.

If you're looking for more fun kid-friendly activities, take a look at these free printables specifically made for little minds.