Ideas to Reuse Cardboard for Fun Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities

This spring and summer, we're providing some out-of-the-box ideas that encourage you to bring the boxes you already have outside for some family recreational fun.

Not only is cardboard versatile and easy to work with, it can be a green way to play because once you are done with your project or game, you can recycle the paper or cardboard pieces used. If you are unsure, How Life Unfolds has a handy recycling guide to help you sort out your concerns.

We’ve rounded up a variety of outdoor activities for children of all ages that creatively use, as well as responsibly reuse, cardboard.

Take to the air:

  • Toss a frisbee between friends or all around the yard. Did you know you can make a frisbee out of paper plates? You can also make them with cardboard.
  • If you are short a partner for frisbee, you can still have fun on your own. That’s right, a cardboard boomerang!
  • Be creative and build paperboard airplanes out of cereal boxes. Decorate and have races with each other by taking turns tossing the cardboard airplane from a pre-determined line to see whose plane goes the farthest.

Carnival play:

  • Your next carnival is only as far as your front lawn. Build a booth out of cardboard boxes and hand out tickets and treats to the crowd.
  • Create fun carnival games that are fun for children of all ages. Ring toss, cornhole and a dart board can all be made out of cardboard.
  • Amaze friends with a cardboard maze made out of those boxes you have collected from online shopping. Take turns and see who can get through it the fastest

Tap your inner artist:

  • Have your little Picasso take their paints outside. All you need is a pizza box for an easel. And did you know that once done, pizza boxes are recyclable? But if you don’t have one that is okay, easels made from cardboard boxes work just as well.
  • Painting can get messy, so take the mess out of the house. Make a cardboard art station out back with boxes. Turn them into tables or break them down into a mat to work on that will keep the art supplies contained. Spills and stains? No worries, unlike furniture, cardboard is recyclable and no cleaning required.
  • If the kids are not interested in painting, how about designing a sculpture? Take various pieces of cardboard, everything from paper towel rolls to cardboard boxes, and create a cardboard sculpture.

Race around for fun and games

The only limit to your fun is your imagination. Cardboard is a fun, easy, and, more importantly, a sustainable and recyclable way to play in the great outdoors!