Lights! Camera! Action! Cardboard Makes for a Perfect Movie Night

Movie Night (webhead)

When it comes to hosting the perfect movie night, its lights, camera, cardboard! That’s right, you can turn your next hosted movie night into a movie night extravaganza with just a few pieces of paper, card stock and cardboard. Whether you are hosting a few friends or a birthday party for your kids, elevate the experience of watching a movie with just a bowl of popcorn on the sofa to a full-on theatrical party with a few of our tips.

Send out themed party invitations: Design the card as a “movie ticket” and have each guest bring theirs to the event. When they arrive with the ticket, have them write their names on it and hand it over to a movie usher. Designate someone to be the usher and greet the guests as they arrive. The usher can drop the ticket into a box, just like they do at the movies. Create the ticket stand out of a cardboard box. Later, the host can choose a winner from the box to win a movie-themed prize.

Create a concession stand: Place boxed candies and cardboard tubs of popcorn on a table for your guests to choose from. Don’t have room to make a stand? No problem! You can create individual concession trays for treats exactly like they have in the movie theaters. Fill them with a drink, hotdog, popcorn and even a candy box. Depending on the number of treats included, the boxes can range in size from small, like shoe boxes, to large, like a copy paper box top.

Ensure everyone can see and hear: At regular theaters moviegoers are asked to turn off or mute their phones. Decorate a box for guests to drop their phones into when they arrive. This way everyone can enjoy the movie without a distraction.

Set the mood: There are several ways you can decorate in keeping with the movie theme. One way is to print out movie posters to decorate around the room. Another is to create a marquee with letters to announce the movie. Have it read something like, “Now Showing: The Avengers for Mary’s 9th Birthday!” You can even roll out the red carpet for your guests with red craft paper and cut out gold stars with your guests’ names.

Goodie bags: Don’t forget to send your guests home with a few goodies, such as candies or cookies. Try making your own microwave popcorn party favors and include them. They are perfect for guests to take home and enjoy for their own quiet movie night.

Create the great outdoors indoors: Make your next children’s movie party a night (or day) to remember and introduce the little ones to the fun of the drive-in movie experience. Decorate large boxes as cars and use them for seats. Chances are there are a few boxes around the house thanks to online shopping or subscription services. You can even make creating the boxes a party activity and have the children decorate their own at the beginning of the party.