Do Your Part for the Planet:
There's an Opportunity in Every Box

Do Your Part for the Planet:
There's an Opportunity in Every Box

Empty Cardboard Box

Paper and packaging are the easiest materials to recycle. Research shows that people feel better when they recycle, yet 63% confess to not doing it regularly.  With an increase in online shopping, recycling your shipping boxes is more important than ever before, and the good news—it’s easy!

3 simple steps every time you get a delivery:

  • Empty: Removing the contents is a no-brainer. After all, it's what's inside that counts! Just make sure to remove all packing materials.
  • Flatten: It takes just a few seconds to break down a box, making it easy to store until pickup. There’s no need to remove tape or labels.
  • Recycle: Check your local recycling guidelines often to see what's ok to put in your bin and what's accepted at your local drop-off.
Empty flatten recycle

Designate a few areas in your home for recycling and make them a seamless part of your decor. Having more than one space makes recycling convenient and keeps it top of mind. Post a list nearby with your town's recycling policies so you know what can be recycled.

KITCHEN: As the room with the most frequent recycling, your kitchen should feature the primary recycling station with space for flattened boxes as well as other paper packaging and cartons. Make use of the area under an island with a bin with dividers for different materials.

HOME OFFICE: Keep a container next to your wastebasket so you can recycle your paper more quickly.

CLOSET: Custom build or use a modular closet system to create a central recycling station with built-in drawers and shelving.

BATHROOM: Make recycling as good a habit as brushing your teeth and maximize a small space by placing a bin in the area under the sink or on a bottom shelf.

GARAGE: Keep smaller boxes neat and orderly by flattening them and storing them inside one big box. Then, simply put the whole thing curbside when it's recycling day!


Make sure everyone pitches in (and out). Households where everyone is responsible for recycling show a 15% increase in recycling habits!

Trends in home improvement show an increased need for multifunction spaces and dedicated home zoning where everything has a space, place, and intentional purpose, like a designated recycling station.

Kids can get in on the action. Have them draw pictures of what can be recycled on a large cardboard box, and use it to hold these items until pickup day.

kid drawing on box
Don't forget your printouts!
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