Custom Sizing Done Right

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Eliminate packaging waste, reduce shipping costs and make your packaging supply chain more efficient by implementing a strategic rightsized packaging plan.

According to Packsize, an on-demand packaging technology company, rightsizing typically reduces package size by 40%. This translates to less warehouse space for storing goods, lower dimensional weight that leads to reduced shipping costs, and a smaller pallet footprint. As for that pallet footprint, it means a lower carbon footprint too: If all businesses in the United States reduced the overall size of their packaging, we would see 24 million fewer trucks on the roads each year.

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A package that’s correctly sized also means that the package will better protect the product without dunnage, eliminating packaging waste and adding further cost savings. It also boosts a different sort of damage control—customer service. One Packsize client reports that its shipping-induced damages went down by 5 to 10% after it rightsized.

Once you’ve decided to change the size of your packaging to better fit your needs, you need to determine how to do so. Companies that specialize in this particular expertise consult with businesses to identify and create custom packaging solutions; businesses then essentially purchase packaging from the solutions company, creating a streamlined packaging supply chain. If you want a DIY approach, you can use offerings from packaging solutions providers who help businesses optimize case design and structural design for packaging.

Rightsized packaging may require an initial investment, whether you work with a custom package design partner or deploy your own. But that investment pays off in customer satisfaction, environmental stewardship and cost savings.

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