The Packaging Solutions of Today & Tomorrow

Paper handles on boxes

From the packaging itself to the automation that puts it all together—there were plenty of innovations to cover in 2022. To kickoff the new year, we are highlighting three brands that apply an element of sustainability beyond the packaging—thinking inside and outside the box.

The good news for those interested in reducing their waste footprint is that more brands are using recyclable paper to cushion products within the box, meeting consumer demand for earth-friendly packaging.

3M’s Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ Protective Wrap is one such environmentally-friendly option. A sustainable alternative to plastic cushion wrap, Cushion Lock is an expanding paper wrap that offers nested protection to immobilize packaged items while on the move, no matter how bumpy the transit process may be.  

Proven to protect, this innovative wrap expands 60 times its original volume to fill packing boxes with less material, eliminating the need for additional packing supplies typically required to secure and stabilize contents. Upon arrival at its destination, Cushion Lock is made from recycled materials and can be easily recycled in a curbside recycling bin.  

Eco Grip
Persson's EcoGrip paper handles

Ranpack’s Fillpak Trident™ is another paper-based smart solution for filling boxes. It can be used to replace plastic air bags and cushions with a sustainable paper-based alternative. The machine serves the dual purpose of filling in the void in boxes and blocking and bracing for safe product delivery in shipping. 

Traversing to the outside of the box, Persson puts sustainability in your hands (quite literally) with their EcoGrip paper handles made from 100% recyclable, compostable paper replacing plastic as an eco-friendly alternative. A proprietary alternative, these handles can hold up to about 27lbs, are comfortable to grip and come in a variety of stylish colors. 

Stay tuned throughout the year for our monthly innovation spotlights to get inspired by these paper-based solutions to help meet your business’ sustainability goals. There are plenty of options today for the packaging, protection and handling of products, but there’s always more to come!