Get Creative for Valentine’s Day: 5 Gifts and Goodies Crafted with Paper

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Valentine’s Day plans are often left to the last minute. Should we go out to dinner? Order in? You probably have easy access to some paper and packaging goods, and nothing is better when it comes to creativity and connection! Here are 5 DIY tips you can use in order to turn those materials into something special.

Folding Pop-Up Card

Whether you need one card for your spouse or a huge batch for your kid’s entire class, you can take the homemade Valentine’s Day card up a notch with a pop-up heart. You’ll need 2 sheets of colored paper, scissors and glue. Then follow these steps to watch it come to life!


  1. Fold 1 sheet of paper in half and draw half a heart along the fold. Then draw a smaller half of a heart inside of that half of a heart.
  2. Cut out both half hearts, leaving about an inch uncut.
  3. Unfold the paper, apply glue across the back of it, everywhere except on the hearts, and then adhere it to your other piece of paper.
  4. Open your card and adjust the hearts so that they pop out.

Notebook Paper Treat Pouches

It’s always more fun to unwrap a gift than to simply have it handed to you, but when you’re in a time crunch and can’t run out to buy wrapping paper, you have to get crafty. This trick shows you how to turn a simple piece of notebook paper into an adorable treat pouch. You’ll need half a sheet of notebook paper, glue, scissors and stickers. Then you’re just a few steps away from your final pouch product.

    Notebook Pouches


    1. Cut 1 sheet of notebook paper in half horizontally.
    2. Along one of the two short sides, make a fold about 3/4″ in from the edge and apply glue in that small area from top to bottom.
    3. Bring the opposite edge of the paper to the folded line and fold over the sticky glue section of the paper.
    4. To make the flat bottom of the bag, make a fold about an inch from the edge, forming a crease. Open the base to reveal two triangles opposite each other. Press down and flatten them.
    5. Apply glue along the long open edges of the triangles and just one of the two bottom edges of the paper between the two triangles.
    6. Starting with the bottom edge without the glue, fold about a half inch in towards the opposite edge.
    7. Repeat step 6 on the other bottom edge that has the sticky glue on it. They will overlap each other about a quarter of an inch. At the top of the bag, trim it using scissors.
    8. Fill the bag with treats, fold the top over and seal it with a sticker.

    Customized Wine Bottle Labels

    Perfect for a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s!) gift, a customized wine label can make the night’s activities anything from creative and funny to sweet and romantic. Draw or print on a measured piece of paper and adhere it to a dry bottle.

      Wine Label

      Bookmarks with Love

      Heart-shaped bookmarks crafted from decorative paper and envelopes are a great gift for the creative book lover or a class full of students exchanging Valentines. You’ll just need an envelope, a sheet of white paper, a pencil, scissors, glue and either patterned paper or something with which to color. Then follow these steps:


        1. Fold a sheet paper diagonally. Draw half of a heart in the corner of the paper. Cut it and then unfold.
        2. Place that full heart on top of the bottom corner of an envelope, with points aligned. Cut around the heart — that’s your bookmark.
        3. Draw a smaller heart inside of your original paper heart and cut it out. If you have patterned paper, place this smaller heart on the patterned paper and cut around it. If you don’t have patterned paper, simply draw on or decorate your smaller heart however you’d like!
        4. Put glue on the bottom of the patterned or decorated heart and place it in the middle of the bookmark.

        Valentine Mailbox

        You’ll be happy you didn’t toss the packaging after that last shoe purchase, because now you can turn it into a Valentines mailbox. Perfect for a classroom exchange or cute family activity. You need a shoebox, colored paper, scissors, tape or glue, and any decorations your heart desires! Here’s how to do it — it’s super simple.

          Card Box


          1. Cover your shoebox in colored paper.
          2. Cut a slot in the middle of the lid, wide enough for Valentine’s Day cards to slide through into the box.
          3. Tape or glue your decorations onto the box however you’d like!