A Gathering to Feel Good About


Each Thanksgiving we gather with family and friends to give thanks and to celebrate the earth’s abundant gifts. This year, show your appreciation by giving back with choices that support our planet’s health, like choosing paper and packaging products when planning your annual get-together.

Print the advertorial
Print the advertorial

Reveal the Recipes

From stuffing to sweet potato pie,  we all have a favorite family recipe. Hand down history by giving your guests the recipe on printed cards.

Recipe card

Easy as Pie

Fans of pumpkin, apple, and mincemeat alike can all enjoy a delicious dessert a little more guilt-free when it’s baked in a responsibly made paper pie pan.

Cardboard pie tin

Touches of Elegance

Paper place cards and menus aren’t just for formal events and are an easy way to enhance your table and your guests' dining experience. 


Share the Bounty

Reduce food waste by sending guests home with leftovers and/or donating to a local shelter. Have plenty of paper and cardboard containers on hand for ease of packing (and so no one has to worry about returning your dishes).

Paper packaging