Every Game Deserves a Snack Stadium


Every good game needs a few good snacks. Serve up your football food in sporty style by creating a snack stadium out of one of your leftover holiday boxes.

Download and print our snack stadium guide, with simple instructions to convert a large box into a creative game day platter, plus printable banners, flags and signs to help capture what’s inside your food arena.

This guide also comes with templates to cut out and create snack stadium dividers, which will help prevent your guests from fumbling the spinach dip or dropping a chicken wing out of bounds and onto your carpet.

In our guide, we recommend using green construction paper to resemble the field, but there’s plenty of flexibility to add personal touches. Color in your banner with your school’s colors, write in the team you’re rooting for, and name your snack stadium after the bowl game you’ll be watching.

Build your snack stadium!
View Templates to Print


Snack Stadium Supplies

Supplies: 1 large box, scissors, baking dish, green construction paper and a hot glue gun

Taping Box

Assemble and secure the bottom of the box with packing tape and cut all sides of the box to be 7 inches tall.

Baking Dish Inside Box

Place baking pan into the center of the box and line with green paper.

Gluing In Dividers

Use extra cardboard and divider template to cut as many dividers as needed for your snacks and glue them into the box around the baking pan.

Finished empty snack stadium

Once tacked in place, run a bead of glue along the bottoms of each divider to secure.

Snack stadium filled with food

Add food and colorful signage to represent your team (template below).

Now that you’ve upped your snack presentation game, it’s time to get your edible players in position. First, add a little spice to this bowl season with double-chile queso dip, or opt for a classic, crowd-pleasing spinach dip that’s creamy, tasty and super speedy to make. Then, consider adding a little muscle to the field with an iconic football-watching dish: chicken wings.

Fill the rest of your stadium with chips, pretzels, popcorn or vegetables for dipping, and you’ll ensure guests are fueled up and ready to get into the game.