Meal Planning is Made Simpler with Paper

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Meal planning makes a lot of sense, saves a lot of money, time and a whole lot of worry. The key to successful meal planning is seeing what you have, seeing what you need and marrying the two and the best way to do that is by writing it all down on paper. And we’ve created just the downloadable to help you start!

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  • First, take inventory: What do you have on hand? Writing down what you have available will help you brainstorm what to make. 
  • Get inspired: Pull out those cookbooks and favorite recipe cards and give them another look over. Write down the ingredients for your meals and then cross reference your recipe list with your on-hand list.
  • Create your menus: Creating menus that use similar ingredients saves you money since you are not spending too much on one-offs. Building subsequent meals around one main one can make planning easier and less expensive.
  • Finally, make your list: Checking your ingredients and writing them down will make your meal planning go smoothly. Just the act of writing down anything, even a grocery list, can help you remember exactly what you need.

A few added reminders and recommendations:

Don’t over plan! Get used to the meal plan lifestyle by planning fewer meals at first. It’s like learning anything else, a little at first goes a long way.

Mix it up! Mix in family favorites with newer recipes but also batch cook a favorite stew, roast or casserole and freeze those meals ahead of time.

SAVE those meal plans! Meal planning and grocery lists are supposed to make life easier. Save previous meal plans and grocery lists in a folder or binder. Then just pull one for those weeks when you don’t have time to plot or plan.

If you're looking for more ways to use paper to help you plan, take a look at these printable templates focused on helping you stay organized.

Don't forget your printouts!
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Don't forget your printouts!
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