Health and Beauty Product Packaging Gets a Makeover


Health and beauty products have a long history of plastic use in their packaging, from complex designs to multi-layered boxes, but that is changing as more brands are exploring paper-based alternatives that are simple to recycle.

The movement toward sustainable packaging has grown with consumer preferences for product packaging that is natural, plant-based and cruelty-free in zero-waste dispensers that are either refillable or plastic-free and recyclable.

Paperboard Deodorant Tubes

The promising news is that some larger, national and global brands are getting on board with paperboard. In 2020, P&G introduced paperboard tubes for two globally-known and widely available deodorant brands, Secret and Old Spice. Following up on that success they introduced refillable tubes for those two products a year ago. By providing sustainable solutions and deodorants at affordable prices, P&G says they are able to make sustainable choices a reality for more consumers.

Thermoformed Trays and Blister Cards

In the ongoing movement from plastic to paperboard packaging, Carma Labs has adopted EnviroGuardTM, a sustainable alternative for its Carmex® lip balm multi-packs. Previously housed in a clear plastic blister pack, several tubes of product are now nestled into a formed, customizable paper tray with vibrant graphics and 100% tear-resistant paperboard. The packaging is free of all plastics and fully repulpable with other mixed papers in traditional curbside recycling programs. More good news is that the EnviroGuard solution can be up to 35% less expensive than traditional plastic clamshells.