Trick, Treat or Hunt: A Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Your Family

Scavenger Hunt

Candy is dandy, but adding this scavenger hunt to your Halloween gives kids the thrill of the chase. Download and print out our Halloween hunt for your trick-or-treaters to complete as they load up their candy bags (and don’t forget the glow-in-the-dark markers for filling it out)!

Download the scavenger hunt list here!
Print the scavenger list

Give this hunt a twist that’s just for your trick-or-treat crew by filling in the blank space on the paper with a feature specific to your neighborhood. Scope out elaborately decorated homes ahead of time and add a detail or two from their setup—“gravestones” from a particular date, for example, or a certain arrangement of skeletons—to your scavenger hunt to help keep kids’ eyes searching.

You can also personalize the hunt by issuing a bit of a challenge, making the blank space a rhyme, trivia question or riddle appropriate to the age of the child.

For example:

  •  Rhyme: “It’s no surprise that candy is yummy / Now finish this rhyme and find a ______.” (mummy)
  • Trivia: This is the only mammal that can fly. (bat)
  • Riddle: I have a body, legs, and arms—but I don’t have any guts. What am I? (skeleton)

Try having younger kids work in pairs or teams; you can have the teams compete to see which group finishes first. And no matter the age of your troupe of ghouls, safety rules apply: Don’t use mobile devices while in motion, use sidewalks and crosswalks, and decorate costumes with reflective tape to maximize visibility to nighttime drivers. Have a fun fright!