Planning Your Bridal Shower: From Personal Invitations to Practical Advice

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After a brief dip during the holidays, wedding season starts up again in February and increases in frequency until the next holiday season. And an increase in weddings means an increase in bridal showers. That’s right, for every bride preparing for her big day, there are multiple bridesmaids planning the perfect shower. Not sure where to start? We have a few ideas to help.

Save the date: Every special event deserves a special invitation. Start the celebration off right with custom invitations. Remember, you are celebrating a major milestone in a loved one’s life, so this is not the time to go paperless and send e-invites. But custom does not have to mean expensive. There are plenty of ideas and templates online to create cute and crafty invitations.

Set the scene: Put as much detail into personalizing as you do in presentation. Print out place cards for guests and get creative. In addition to their names, include who they are to the bride-to-be. Don’t stop there. In addition to name place cards, print out menus for each place setting or for the table.

Play games: Games can keep the conversation going, especially when you have attendees who run the gamut from young and old, friends and family and from both sides of the aisle. Not everyone will know everyone, so break the ice with some games. Here are a few suggestions for bridal bingo, bridal mad libs and other games and quizzes.

Share knowledge: Have you ever heard of an advice jar for a bridal shower? Have guests write out their words of wisdom or well wishes for the couple on colorful pieces of paper. Place each paper in a large glass jar. Guests can share their best marriage advice, fun suggestions for date nights or a guest’s favorite memory of the couple. Another great way to present advice from loved ones is to create a DIY paper quilt filled with heart-felt sentiments.

Serve up something sweet (and savory): Ask the bride's (and groom’s) friends and family to share their favorite recipes. Include a fun and festive recipe card in each invitation you send and have each guest bring a recipe for the couple. Encourage a variety of recipes from simple suppers to family favorites.

Give thanks: Writing down who gave what to the couple as they open their gifts is a given. But why not make the job of thanking guests easier by presenting the bride with blank thank-you cards with already addressed and stamped envelopes. Just write or print out the envelopes for the thank-you cards at the same time you create the invitation.