Baby Shower Basics – How to Throw a Memorable Event

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Baby showers are fun, festive and let’s face it, a lot of hard work. There’s juggling invitations, games and gifts, just to name a few of the tasks required. Of course, you want to make sure both the guests and parents-to-be have fun and feel appreciated. And when a baby shower is done right, it is delightful. So, if you are planning a baby shower anytime soon, we want to make it easy for you. Here are our suggestions to make your next baby shower stand out.

Mind your please and thank yous: There is nothing more memorable than to request people’s attendance with a handwritten invitation. But be sure to mail them out in plenty of time. It’s best to give guests up to a month to prepare for the shower. But just as important as the invitations are the thank-you cards. Save the mom-to-be time and hassle. When you send out the invitations, write out the envelopes for the thank-you notes and stamp them, then give them to the guest of honor. Present her with a framed invitation as a keepsake along with the batch of ready to fill in thank-you cards.

It is all fun and games: There are many games to play at the baby shower. Baby shower bingo, Mad Libs and baby crosswords are just a few. But a favorite of ours is to guess the baby. When you send out invitations to your guests, be sure to include a request to send you a photo of themselves as babies, or even toddlers. Include an email with the RSVP so guests can email you images. Don’t forget to find one of the mommy-to-be. Then, print out paper versions of the images, number them and display them around the room. Guests will guess who is who. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

It’s never too early for a good book: Everyone has a favorite book from their childhood, and it is never too early to introduce your baby to books. Request guests bring a copy of their favorite book to create a fully stocked library for baby. Don’t have a favorite book? Easy, just create your own. Compile a scrapbook to show the new baby who and what their new world is filled with. Include photos of family printed out along with photo copies of simple images such as houses, trees and animals. Be sure to label each page and printout with who and what they are.

There is always room for good advice: Create an album of parental wisdom that includes advice for the parents-to-be from family and friends. If guests are not parents themselves, they can share advice they have been given from their parents. Be sure to request the advice when sending out the invitations. Include a blank card in the invitation for the guest to fill out and bring with them to the shower. You can have them placed them in an album, a basket or wrap the stack of cards with a bow.

The baby shower in a box: There are times when we can’t be there to throw the shower ourselves and celebrate with the ones we love in person. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo hosting a shower. Just mail it along in a box. In today’s world, people move often, and a group of friends or family may live clear across the country. So instead of missing out on attending a shower, ship your own. In a large box, pack wrapped gifts. It can be several smaller gifts to add impact. If there are several friends pitching in, the more the merrier. Add streamers, half filled balloons (that helps with keeping the items secure) and homemade confetti to the box and send it in the post. When the guest of honor opens the box she will be literally showered with love and a party in a box.