And the Winner for Best Award Show Party is… You!


Interested in hosting a night where you can invite friends and family into your home for a fun night of cheers, and jeers? We have the perfect solution - host an awards show party. An awards show viewing party is a great way to gather friends and family together. There is bound to be an award show for every age, taste and interest.

Once you have chosen your award show, now you just have to plan it. We have rounded up a few ideas for a show stopping party:

The envelope please: It’s an award show party so have fun with the invitations. Customize your invites to be award show specific. Go glam when designing the invitations and include a print out of categories and nominees. Instruct your guests to fill them out and bring them to the party.

Get the party started: All award shows have step and repeats, why not replicate it for your party? A step and repeat is basically a space where your guests pose on the red carpet for photos in front of a decorated background.

Take photos of your guests as they arrive. Decorate the wall behind them with posters reflecting the award show you are watching. Oh, and don’t sweat the carpet, a roll of red craft paper works just fine.

Dramatic décor: Extend the red-carpet theme and the decorations of the step and repeat throughout the party area. Perhaps populate the space with cardboard cutouts featuring the honorees – actors, musicians or sports stars. Guests can take selfies with some of the nominees.

And the award goes to: You’ve sent the nomination sheets with the invitations, but be sure to print out a few more for those who may have forgotten them at home. At the end of the broadcast, tally up the ballots to see which party-goer had the most matches. During the awards continue the fun with something like award show bingo. Keep the award show theme by giving the winners their awards, such as movie passes or gift cards, in decorated envelopes.

Swag bags: Don’t let your guests leave without offering a swag bag. After all, every award show has them. Fill the bag with treats, like boxes of candy or cookies. Perhaps gift cards towards a movie or music download. In each bag place a note with a handwritten sentiment on what each guest has meant to you this past year, whether they were a major influence or they played a critical supporting role. Tuck the note in a decorated envelope and place in the swag bag for them to open once they get home.

Need another idea?! Watch the awards with paper in hand for some added fun and print out a fill-in-the-blank acceptance speech right here.

Don't forget your printouts!
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