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Portable paper packaging and convenience packaging are areas ripe for innovation, thanks to today’s on-the-go consumers demanding more, faster. This desire for convenience extends beyond food and beverage packaging into markets from beauty to home and garden. But it may surprise you to learn about the ways that paper packaging is helping to create purposeful, single-use packaging that addresses consumers’ needs and drives brand loyalty.

Learn more below about how paper packaging is answering the call for increased portability and convenience.


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Packaged to Stand Up and Carry On

Grab-and-go coffee takes on new meaning with these stand-up pouches made from kraft paper. With an easy-carry handle, a custom window shape and foil printing, the kraft stand-up-pouch (prototype above) from Yayyy is one of two forms of the brand’s natural kraft window bags; the other is the flat-bottom bag. Both are resealable and feature a window for consumers to see what’s inside, as well as the option to add a handle for increased portability.

“We have a one-of-a-kind laser-cut technique on kraft paper bags,” Yayyy founder Eva Yeh says. “The natural kraft paper has an earth-friendly, all-natural, organic-production look and feel. Nothing says natural like kraft paper.”

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Sweets Packaged in the Palm of Your Hand

Picking up one truffle to go is easy with packages like Box & Wrap’s single-truffle tote, which is designed for this exact purpose. Made of sustainable, heavyweight paperboard, this small, protective package makes it easy to carry out a sweet indulgence via the finger loop or in the palm of your hand. “A lot of companies I sell to use portable products now, including these truffle totes,” says Sabita Lawson, owner of Box & Wrap. “It eliminates using both a box and a bag for a customer to leave the store with, so it is cost-saving and also unique.”

Bahama Bucks

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Carrying a Dozen Products Is Better Than One

Bahama Buck’s, a franchise specializing in shaved ice and frozen drinks, used paper packaging to create the Island Pack, a carrying case that lets customers transport 12 products at one time.

Its use at their 100 locations for more than a year has helped increase large-quantity orders. The pack was named the 2019 Foodservice Packaging Awards winner in the “Wow” Factor category. “The idea that you can carry 12 drinks at once is an amazing convenience for the consumer,” the judges said.

Other Portable Paper Packaging Making a Mark

Beverage industry brands are thinking outside traditional boxes to give customers the convenience of portable products via paper wine carton boxes that feature an easy-to-carry handle. And, more recent innovations like paperboard fasteners, which operate in place of traditional rings often seen holding together a six-pack of cans, make it easy for consumers to pick up a six-pack of beer or soda. Check out more paper-based beverage-related innovations.

Paper packaging is also providing portable solutions for floral companies like UrbanStems and fruit and vegetable producers. Incorporating handles into their packaging allows produce brands to build in additional convenience for customers and clients who ultimately enjoy fresh produce longer because it’s packaged in paper.

In the end, portable packaging makes products easier to carry and portable packaging made of paper is often the sustainable, strong and cost-effective material choice for packaging solutions.

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