Walking in a (Paper) Wonderland

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Holidays are a season full of celebration, reflection, and philanthropy. Esteemed lifestyle influencer Shelby Orme is using this holiday to step up her paper-based lifestyle, taking the pledge to live as a papertarian—a unique approach to living your best life while helping to protect our forests and the environment. By choosing paper products, you’re encouraging private forest landowners in the U.S. to sustainably plant and grow more trees, by recycling you’re making the most of our natural resource.

From purposeful gift wrapping to conscientious packaging decisions for gifts for everyone on your list, Shelby Orme extends an invitation for all of us to join her papertarian journey for a positive impact this holiday season.

What’s even more inspiring is that these practices can seamlessly transition into the new year, transforming our holiday choices into everyday practices, and contributing to a positive impact on our U.S. forests and the environment.

Influencer Shelby Orme

TIP #1: Wrap it Right!

When wrapping and unwrapping holiday presents, take a small piece of paper and scrunch it into a tight ball. If it holds its shape, it’s recyclable; if it starts to unfold, reuse it.

And don’t forget, you can use these tips beyond the holiday season for celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, and spontaneous gifting.


• Kraft or matte wrapping paper (or even a vintage map or newspaper)

• Paper tape

• Paper ribbon like raffia

Upcycled holiday card to gift tags

TIP #2: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gifting like a papertarian is simple: Seek out paper-based gifts that come from a 100% renewable resource and are easy to recycle (recipients & the environment will appreciate you for it)! Some examples include books, calendars, puzzles, and personalized pulpboard coasters.

And don’t forget the personalized gift tag crafted from repurposed holiday cards with a festive graphic or pattern.

Recycling bin made from leftover box

TIP #3: Tis the Season to Reuse and Recycle

Transform a shipping box into a holiday recycling bin: Decorate a shipping box, leaving an opening at the top to create a recycling station during gift exchanges. Easy clean-up!

The peaceful lull as the holiday celebrations are winding down is the perfect time to learn all about your municipal recycling guidelines! 


• Empty any package before recycling

• Clean & dry all items

• Flatten all boxes

Learn more about the papertarian lifestyle here!

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