Watch Faces of the Forest: Meet the Town of Falmouth, Maine

Welcome to Falmouth, Maine. Just a few miles from bustling Portland, it’s sustaining the rich New England tradition of town-owned forests, and working closely with foresters to sustainably manage and expand their most precious natural resource. Falmouth is in the midst of a multi-year land use plan the locals call the “Greening of Falmouth.” Its goal is to expand open spaces available for recreation, wildlife habitat and other productive use, while protecting air, water and soil. Meet some of the folks who are helping to make it all happen.

Gardening and forestry go hand-in-hand. Learn how the foresters of Falmouth, Maine are increasing the strength of the town’s forestland.

What does a forest look like post-harvest? You may be surprised by what you’ll find.

The effects of the forest are felt far beyond the trees. Find out why the residents of Falmouth, Maine are the faces behind their town’s forests.