How (and Why!) to Print Wirelessly Using Your Smartphone

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No cord? No problem.

Whether it’s completed from a few feet away or in another time zone, printing documents from your smartphone is a hassle-free solution for anyone on the go who is looking for how to be more productive at work. It lets you merge the best of agile technology with the solidity and organizational chops that paper offers in the workplace.

Many newer printers can receive files from a wireless source such as a phone, tablet or laptop—and getting started is easy. Most devices come with a feature that facilitates remote printing. This means that you don’t have to do anything beyond connecting your smartphone and your printer to print from your phone. For a primer on how to print from your phone, download our PDF at the bottom of this article.

Keeping pace with this shift toward phone printing, a number of programs have been developed to make the most of this intuitive technology. Here are a few ways to use phone printing to ramp up workplace productivity:

Flexibility on the fly: An overlooked typo or a last-minute update can sink a big presentation. Wireless printing allows a team to nimbly make updates. If you’re not working with your regular printer setup, turn to the PrinterOn app, which works with 10,000 secure printing locations, including airports and hotels.

Access from afar: Some wireless printers require close proximity; others use email programs to enable transmission from anywhere. HP printers with ePrint technology each have a unique email address; users can send attachments to that email for seamless printing.

Seeing details up close: We’ve all forgotten our laptops on a hectic day. There are apps that can remotely access a home or office computer via a user’s mobile device, making it easy to obtain documents before printing wirelessly to review things up close (and on paper).

Easier expense reports: Organizing business receipts is a chore, especially when it comes to taking photos of each one. The task can be made simpler with TinyScan, an app that scans documents and converts images into PDFs that you can send from your phone to a wireless printer.

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