A Journal? A Planner? There's a Notebook for Every Journey

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It's that time of year when we try to turn over a new leaf and make goals and, more importantly, open up a new planner or journal.

But which journal should you use? Sure, there are plenty of digital apps and programs to keep you organized, but even in this digital age, an online solution does not always mean it’s better. Writing down notes on paper has many benefits that make it a preferred tool of productivity. Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal, perfectly sums up why. “Technology is really good at helping us connect outward; you know, we can connect with people around the world,” he says.  “But the analog space, I feel, is an excellent technology to help us connect inward because it is not connected to anything.”

So let’s focus on some of the latest methods of journaling inward and planning forward:

The Bullet Journal: Billed as “an analog system for a digital age,” Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal incorporates to-do lists, day planning and generalized note-taking. The method can be used in the notebook of your choice.

The Passion Planner: Created by millennial Angelia Trinidad, the Passion Planner turns the usual day planner on its head and expands from a daily to-do template to a more meaningful daily mantra for – you guessed it – your passions.

The Medium Method: The Medium Method merges digital and paper into one system that includes a main notebook, a travel notebook and a daily sticky note, along with digital notebooks and apps. The idea is to wed the best benefits of both methods.

The Volt Planner: The Volt is the creation of Kate Matsudaira. In addition to the usual planning layout, it includes yearly themes, weekly inspirations and journaling goals, as well as a 30-day challenge for each month.

Can't decide which planner is right for you? Download and print these weekly and monthly pages and see which one works for you.

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