Influencer Courtney Shields Shares Her Paper Tips & Tricks

Courtney Shields

Courtney Shields is the founder of the lifestyle blog, where she shares her tips and tricks, the things she loves, and her everyday life, in the hopes of helping women feel more confident in their skin. She writes her content like she's talking to a girlfriend she's known for years: to the point, a little sassy and always real.

I am and have always been a paper kinda girl. My three top purchases in college? Forever21 pieces for my weekend wear, bubble tea, and pretty notebooks from the local Barnes and Noble. Let's just say I may have kept that place in business back in the day.

Courtney writing

Don't get me wrong, I love technology and the convenience it affords to everyday life (plus the connections you can maintain with friends everyone and things like my career that I am endlessly grateful for) but I'll always have a special place in my heart for paper. There's something ultra-satisfying about writing on paper, whether it's a list (I blame Liz for this one) or more of a let it flow, brain dump style of writing. I get some kind of sick satisfaction from crossing items off of my to-do or using a paper calendar, journaling, name it, I love it all.

Bottom line, there's a little Christmas morning magic in the cracking of a fresh notebook and writing in it for the first time.

Courtney Shields

I also love using paper rather than exclusively relying on my phone and computer not only for the aesthetic satisfaction but also because it allows me to take a breath, live in the moment, and slow down a little bit. I find that ditching the electronics from time to time helps me stay focused and avoid the distractions that I usually fall victim to when I use my phone. Breaking free from my digital life allows me to take the time to reflect on all the many tasks I accomplished in the day.

If you haven't tried your hand (cheesy pun intended) at paper love, I highly recommend it.