Getting Organized While Limiting Stress: Helpful Resources For Recent Graduates


Kids who have graduated from college this year are emerging into an uncertain world, and many are facing an overwhelming few months as they get their bearings. But it’s important for recent graduates to remember that you don’t have to map out your whole future at once. Filling up your browser tabs with job postings and pouring over your resume for hours will only cause more stress.

Our advice? Start small, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Grab a notebook and set out realistic goals for the next three months. Print a calendar and mark it with key deadlines for job openings you’re truly interested in. Take a stab at your resume, then print it out and share it with your parents or mentors for feedback.

Print out a resume checklist here!
Download a resume checklist

It’s a process! To help you along your way, check out the tools below that can support you in getting organized and focused, while maintaining mental wellness.

  • Bullet Journaling: This clever journaling system helps you get organized in a creative and engaging way. To get started, take a look at our bullet journaling guide.
  • Calendar + Planner Printables: A printable weekly calendar can be used to organize tasks for the day and keep track of interview times and job application due dates, as well as to schedule in much-needed down time. Print your own here.
  • To-Do Lists: Making a to-do list every day might feel like a chore, but it makes life much less stressful in the end. The simple act of putting tasks down on paper stops the thoughts of everything you have to do flying round in your head. Print a template here and keep a stack on your desk.
  • Resume Checklist: A resume checklist can be super helpful if you’re writing one for the first time, or you want to give your existing resume a once-over for errors or oversights before submitting. Stick your checklist above your desk to make sure you never miss a trick.

And you’re on your way! When life seems daunting, partner with paper to make things manageable.