How to Finish Your Product Packaging

A Business Guide to Choosing the Right Packaging Finish

One of the wonders of paper packaging is how tactile it is. (Did you know that your fingertips can detect a bump that is just three-100ths the width of a human hair?) Couple that with the fact that touch is tied to memory, and it’s clear why people turn to paper packaging for special projects.

“Paper can evoke an emotion in people,” says Meredith Clampitt, director of creative services at Clampitt Paper. And paper packaging presents an opportunity for business decision-makers to do just that via a packaging finish for custom-printed boxes.

There are a ton of print finishing options, from paper coatings to printed textures, that can make your package stand out thanks to the sensation of touch.

“Knowing how much you’re willing to spend is a great place to start,” says Marken Shedd, senior business analyst at Taylor Box, noting that the substrate you choose to print on and the desired volume of printing will affect the options that are available within your budget. “The relative expense changes as your economy of scale changes,” she says.

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If you’re overwhelmed with options like embossed printing and UV coatings, use the flowchart below to help guide you through the process. You’ll see the following three actions for business priorities identified at the top of the chart:

  • Identify your sustainability goals
  • Determine the performance life of your package
  • Think about your target audience and what you are trying to communicate haptically

Choose the one that matters most to your business and work your way through the flowchart. Then see how each of the three priorities are intertwined to narrow down your direction so you’ll be better informed when talking with your printer. If you prefer to print the chart and navigate your decision on paper, click here.

A Business Guide to Choosing the Right Packaging Finish
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