Clean Clothes and a Healthy Environment: Make Doing Laundry a Feel-Good Habit

Tangie Detergent Packaging

Our day-to-day lives are filled with work, school and other activities, so sustainability may not be on our minds all the time. But there are simple ways to reduce the amount of waste we create in our daily routines, even down to the way we do our laundry. From zero waste single-use options to biodegradable ingredients, the movement towards renewably sourced paper packaging is trending in the cleaning world as many detergent brands move away from plastic packaging. As a consumer, you have the power to make a difference with your purchasing decisions.

One innovative brand is Tangie, a company that prioritizes chemical-free cleaning products and zero-waste laundry concentrate packaging. Tangie founder, Angie Ringler, describes her products as using a natural formulation with a zero-waste mission. Her blocks of laundry soap are simply wrapped in recycled kraft paper and shipped in a paper, padded envelope.

“All our products use compostable and recyclable paper packaging. Think outside the box and dispose of the packaging in a home composter, shove it in a hole in the ground or tuck it into a flowerpot. These are great alternatives to just recycling.”

Angie Ringler, Founder of Tangie

Not only that, but packaging even applies to the increasingly popular detergent capsules. Working with Graphic Packaging International, Unilever’s biggest laundry brand, Dirt is Good, has announced the global launch of their most sustainable—and fastest growing—detergent capsule that uses a fully recyclable paperboard container, 50% of which is made from recycled paper. It even locks out moisture better than current plastic packaging alternatives!

Even major detergent companies like Tide have moved towards sustainable packaging with their innovative Eco-Box that uses 60% less plastic. The Eco-Box also includes a “How2Recycle” label that instructs users how to flatten the box before tossing to encourage correct recycling habits for consumers.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, there are still ways we can make eco-friendly choices even during the most routine tasks. So, the next time you’re shopping for laundry supplies, take the time to find detergent in recyclable paper packaging that can make the chore more feel-good and better for the environment.