What Your Handwriting May Say About You

Young executive reading through paperwork at his desk

If you want to get to know someone better, take a quick look at something they’ve written on paper by hand. Graphology, or the art of analyzing someone’s personality through their handwriting, dates back centuries. Take the quiz below if you’re curious to see if your character matches what a handwriting analyst would have to say about you.

Taking handwritten notes can benefit your brain by fostering clearer paths of understanding, increasing your ability to recall key discussion points and inspire ideas that forge new paths.

Did you know that when you choose paper and packaging, you’re choosing to support America’s forests? Paper companies work with private forest landowners to grow and maintain forests at a rate nearly double the volume needed to make the paper, packaging and boxes you rely on every day. So when you choose paper, you’re helping to support the growth of our forests. And by recycling, you’re making the most of our natural resources.