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Star doodle

Reaching for the stars on paper can mean you’re taking the metaphor to a powerful new and tangible level. Star doodlers are ambitious and goal-oriented.

Kite doodle

Determined and full of energy, you’re inclined to draw triangular and pointed shapes, making it easy to see your tenacity float up from the paper and into your next challenge.

Plane doodle

Papers peppered with planes, trains and automobiles? Take a cue from your doodled-over pages that you’re ready to move on to something new. Carpe diem!

Arrow doodle

Up!? Sure, all arrows represent a direction, but those carefully drawn in outline form pointing up could indicate you’re ready to agitate for change or progression. March on!

Butterfly doodle

If you’re consistently sketching flying creatures like butterflies and birds, you may crave freedom from a current frustration. Break free of your cocoon by problem-solving on paper.

Spiral doodle

More power to those who spiral on paper. Drawers of these intricate shapes flourish in diversity, creativity and growth, so keep unleashing these coils in your notebooks to stimulate meaningful movements.

Doodling. The word can sound adolescent, or even innocent. Don’t let your preconceived notions or the dictionary fool you into thinking doodling is meaningless. It’s more akin to a superpower, given that it activates the brain in unique ways.

Yes, doodles—the ones in your margins, on handouts and throughout your notebooks—could mean more than you thought. In fact, doodling powers our thinking, and our thinking powers change. Studies reveal that those who doodle while listening retain more. These impromptu marks actually help people focus and better engage in creative problem solving and information processing.

Frequently draw any of the above on paper? Use this doodle decoder to discover why. Just remember, no matter what you draw, the act of doodling empowers your ability to learn better. So next time you want to retain and process information, bring a sheet of paper.

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