Top 10 Things U.S. Professionals Miss About the Office

Working from home

Transitioning to working from our homes has given each of us time to reflect on things we miss from our offices. From making frothy coffee to attending team lunches, the office is definitely a space for teammates to socialize and collaborate. We can recreate our favorite office snacks and maybe we even thought to bring our favorite desktop decor home, but the tools and camaraderie of the office can’t be easily replicated. 

As part of a Heart+Mind Strategies omnibus survey of 1,000 participants, we found the top ten things people miss most about the office. Leading the scoreboard is in-person interaction with colleagues and bosses. There are tons of digital platforms that foster communication, but nothing beats live interaction.

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We also found that if, like many, you’re new to working from home, you may not have crucial tools like an at-home printer or dedicated phone to take calls. The survey found that many miss the ability to print paper documents, rather than reading on screen. According to productivity and connectivity expert, Holland Haiis, screen fatigue can be quite prominent. Printing out long form documents to read in a new location can enhance your focus and productivity by leaps and bounds.

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