6 Tangible Presentation Tools


With a big presentation on the horizon, you’re probably already preparing. You’ve got a few handwritten notes of your most important points for your back pocket, but now it’s time to figure out your finishing touches—those tangible things that will elevate this meeting in the minds of your attendees. These six paper-based suggestions and presentation printing tips will add a little “wow” to what you’re about to say, making your ideas and messages stick.

Create a Paper Station

Establish a station filled with paper supplies that participants can pick up before you present. You can include hard copies of the presentation deck, one-pagers with key points, colored pencils and pens, paper sticky notes and blank paper for participants to brainstorm, write questions or take notes.

Make Them Save the Date

Whether you’re trying to win new business or impress your colleagues, make your meeting eventful with welcome cards that call out the date’s historical significance. By highlighting influential moments in history that occurred on the same day, you’re suggesting that today—your presentation day—is also worthy of remembering. At the bottom, add a “Top Three Things I Learned Today” section with blank lines for your attendees to summarize and handwrite what they found most significant.

Resolve Stranger Danger with Paper Placemats

Presenting to a group of people who don’t know each other? Facilitate the “getting to know each other” process by printing presentation paper placemats with photos and titles of each participant. On the back, print something meaningful to the group—whether it’s a common mission statement or a meeting agenda.

Make Your Presentation Personal

People love seeing their names in print. Imagine you were gifted notecards with your name—wouldn’t that be a memorable paper token worth holding onto? Consider gifting each participant personalized notecards with a simple message like “From the desk of Jack” printed on the front. On top of the set, include a personalized, handwritten note with a simple message thanking each participant for attending and summarizing a couple of the key points you plan to drive home during your meeting.

Add Presentation Pop with Bold Notebooks

Don’t have time to have personalized topic- or brand-specific notebooks made? Don’t worry. Help bring attendees’ notes to life by instead providing a variety of colorful notebooks. Writing on colored pages looks different. And when you’re hoping people will retain what you have to say, give them an excuse to write it down and take notes by hand, a practice tied to boosting information recall.

Chart Your Course to Success by Printing Anything Complex

Don’t make people squint to see complicated charts on the presentation screen. Instead, arm your attendees with presentation handouts so they take notes directly on the source. Plus, studies show paper printouts are preferred by 80 percent of people when reading complicated materials. Add a layer of engagement by including questions about each chart that challenge participants to connect the dots as they listen.

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