Thank you for recycling and being a force for nature!

Every box you recycle helps us grow and protect forests while making the paper packaging you need and less waste for the planet.

This Box Has Many Lives, Our Planet Has One: Empty, Flatten, Recycle


In 2021, the overall recycling rate for paper was 68%. As we increasingly rely on online shopping and e-commerce deliveries, improving residential recycling has become more important than ever. It’s critical for businesses and consumers alike to continue playing their roles, which is why we’re always working on products and processes to make it even easier for everyone to recycle.

The natural cellulose fibers that make paper products can generally be used to make new products up to seven times (especially when combined with some fresh fiber). The fibers can also be made into a transparent film similar in appearance to plastics derived from fossil fuels, a development that could have a big impact on the recyclability of packaging in the future.

To continue to help everyone make the best use of recycled fiber in our products, our industry has planned $5 billion in manufacturing infrastructure investments by 2024. Those investments will help use 7.8 million tons of recycled fiber—enough to fill New York’s Grand Central Terminal 124 times.

The makers of paper and paper packaging are continually working on ways to make recycling easier, on designs and processes that create less waste, and on renewing our forests to ensure an abundance of trees for generations to come. With limited resources, we must be mindful of the products we produce and the way we produce them.

Some call this “the circular economy,” and it is quickly becoming the focal point of sustainability. We like to think of it as a circle of caring. And every time you choose paper-based products, you play a part in helping us continue that full cradle-to-grave cycle.