The Astrology of Recycling


Have you ever found yourself trying (and struggling) to start a new habit? Sometimes, even despite our best intentions, changing the way we do things can be difficult—especially when these new habits feel like they clash with our current lifestyle.

But the best way to get a habit to stick is to work with your personality, not against it! To help you figure out the best way to kick-off your recycling habits, we’ve turned to the stars and put together this handy guide of the best recycling tips for your zodiac element!

Whether you’re a feisty fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), an enigmatic earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), an adaptable air sign (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius), or a whimsical water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), we’ve got ways for everyone to easily recycle their paper products!


Have more than one bin in your home.

Fire signs love to go all-in on what they love, which is why having more than one bin in the home is a sure-fire way to bring their A+ game to recycling paper products! If you already have a bin in the kitchen, adding one to your bathroom for recyclable items such as toothpaste boxes and toilet paper tubes, is a great next step!

Place your recycling bin in an easy location within the home.

In a rush? No worries! Having your bin in an easy-to-see location like by a front door allows fire signs to live their lives on-the-go and still be sure to remember to recycle when they’re on the move! Since fire signs also know how to make just about anything fun, they’ll have no trouble getting creative with different bin locations and decorations, and even games for recycling paper around the home!


Keep a recycling bin at home.

Start where you spend the most time! Earth signs tend to be happy homebodies who take pride in their personal sanctuaries and home spaces, which is why starting with a bin at home is the way to go for earth signs! Being represented by Earth, earth signs feel naturally connected to nature and tend to care deeply about protecting it, which is what also makes them the perfect pioneers to kick off recycling in the home!

Opt-in for curbside pickup.

What’s better than home-delivery for an earth sign? Curbside pickup! Earth signs love things that make sense and add simplicity to their life and curbside pickup is one of those options that just makes sense! (P.S. Your recycled items can be made into new products up to 7 times!)


Keep a list or print out of what can (and can’t) be recycled in a visible place.

Air signs are the masters of categorization and creating a good list, which makes them the perfect person to create a list of materials that can be recycled, like paper and cardboard, and ensure the list is in a visible place in your home!

Avoid “wishcycling” and throwing recyclables in the trash.

Air signs are often logical and know how to create rules for themselves (and others!), and that’s why they’re the perfect candidates for remembering and reminding others what can be recycled and what can’t!

For instance, air signs can lay down the law about not throwing recyclables like paper and paper packaging in the trash, or ensure that nobody “wishcycles,” or just tosses something in the recycling bin, hoping it’s recyclable (even if it actually isn’t).


Start with recycling what is easiest, like paper!

Water signs are all about flow, and they work best when they can naturally ease into something! That’s why starting with easy habits, like learning how to break down recyclables like cardboard boxes is great for water signs! Start at your own pace and grow into your recycling habits!

Ensure that everyone in the household pitches in.

If anyone can convince you to do something, or help you see the positive side of something, it’s a water sign! Their empathetic nature makes them easy to love and trust and perfect for bringing people together and rallying others around a cause they care about, like learning how to recycle! Water signs are the perfect people to get others in their homes to care about recycling as much as they do.