Do You Know These Facts About “Paper Makers”?

Man looking at tree

The new film “Paper Makers” explores the modern day story of the U.S. paper industry—an industry that’s worked in tandem with nature for many years. The film explores how the industry uses every part of the tree, leaving nothing wasted. How recycling, the familiar part of paper’s sustainability story, is just one way the industry cares for the planet. And, how the people who depend on forests for a living replant trees—in fact, nearly two trees are planted for every tree harvested. Watch today, and read more below.

Walk through the forests with these paper makers and witness their stories firsthand to learn why paper is a sustainable choice for the planet. Find fun facts about recycling, paper production and sustainable land management listed below and learn how you play an important role in making our nation’s forests thrive when you buy paper products.

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