Conserve Energy at Home with Paper Reminders


Energy. It’s our power source. Whether you associate it with the caffeine that fuels your body or the electricity that lights, cools and heats your home—energy keeps us going. But just as skipping a night’s rest can be painful to your body, forgetting to turn down the heat or switch off lights can be painful on your wallet. Now is the perfect opportunity to audit your energy use and evaluate how you can reduce costs while still enjoying the comforts energy brings into your home.

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Some of the simplest cost-saving techniques, such as turning off lights, are also among the easiest to forget. Plus, did you know that adjusting your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees F for eight hours a day will increase your home’s energy efficiency while decreasing your bill up to 10% annually? Lastly, help your refrigerator stay cool without losing yours over the bill.

Make these energy conservation practices more memorable with a light switch cover and a refrigerator sign showcasing useful, and comical, energy-saving reminders. After all, it’s a refrigerator, not an air conditioner. Additionally, this downloadable printout includes a thermostat sign to help keep your home at a healthy, comfortable, and budget-friendly temperature year-round.

For more home energy efficiency and conservation tips, check out the Department of Energy’s Energy Saver resource.

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