Diplomas: An Essential and Exceptional Piece of Paper

Graduates holding diplomas take selfie

It is apropos that we receive a paper diploma when we graduate, considering how important paper is to our journey to graduation. After all, the diploma is the final, if not the most important, in a long line of paper in a students’ academic career.

The diploma also has a sentimental value, holding memories. It also has a symbolic value, it is representative of all the hard work the graduate has put in and it represents the opening of new possibilities and freedom to forge a new path. The diploma, that single piece of paper, encapsulates the end of one stage of life and the beginning of a new one. Pretty impressive.

And like birth certificates, birthday cards and wedding invitations, the diploma marks another major milestone in our lives with paper. It shows us what we have been able to accomplish and promises us a whole new world of possibilities. And every diploma has significance, whether it be from kindergarten or for a PhD. And unlike digital, the paper diploma is a tangible symbol of your accomplishments and a constant source of validation.