The Coloring Book All About Paper

Coloring Book Cover 2

Take the time to unwind from a busy day and give your eyes a break from the screen with the All About Paper: 7 Colorful Facts to Sharpen Your Mind coloring book brought to you by the Paper & Packaging Board’s How Life Unfolds ® campaign. In collaboration with artist, Jitesh Patel, we took seven stats from a survey commissioned for our Fourth Annual Back-to-School Report, and turned them into beautiful illustrations for you to color.

This coloring book presents facts on learning and productivity with paper in an interactive format that not only allows you to mentally relax, but learn about the essential roles paper plays in our everyday lives. So, whether you strictly stay within the lines or whimsically doodle throughout these pages, we hope you enjoy adding your flourish!

Don't forget your printouts!

1) 8 in 10 people believe paper and packaging are still relevant in their daily lives. 

2) 92% of K-12 and college educators and 90% of parents agree that any student can benefit from reading (or being read) 15 Pages A Day on print. 

3) 82% of all educators believe teachers should continue teaching or encouraging taking notes by hand in school.

4) 81% of millennial parents read with their child from a paper book every night.

5) 79% of K-12 educators believe handwriting and cursive should be encouraged and 74% of parents agree handwriting or cursive should be taught in the curriculum. 

6) 7 out of 10 people surveyed love finding ways to reuse corrugated cardboard boxes. 

7) 81% of college students use paper tools such as note cards, handouts, study sheets or printed lecture presentations when preparing for an exam. 

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