New Survey Reveals 60% of Office Workers Turn to Paper for Peak Productivity

Productive Meeting

The inaugural Workplace Productivity Report explores how digital technology is affecting productivity in the modern workplace. The survey findings reveal that workers need (and crave) a strong analog and digital balance for focus and productivity in today’s office.

“There’s no question that digital tools have in many ways made the workplace more efficient. But we get blindsided by our digital environment when there are certain tasks for which paper is just more effective,” said productivity expert Holland Haiis. “If we jot down our top three objectives for the day on paper first thing in the morning, we avoid getting lost in our inboxes. We’re much more likely to retain information if we annotate a hard copy. And taking a notebook to meetings rather than a phone or laptop helps us actually connect to coworkers and solve problems more rapidly.”

As we become more and more reliant on email, instant messenger and other digital platforms, paper is integral to keeping us on track amidst among the myriad many pop ups and notifications.

Check out the infographic below for more on how offices are using paper for maximum productivity!

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