National Coupon Month: We Still Love Paper Ways to Save

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These days, practically everyone is looking to save a little money here and there.

Because we all know a little bit can add up to a lot. And coupons can help shave down that final total. Who hasn’t experienced the satisfaction of handing over a freshly clipped – or crinkled up – coupon, only to watch the bill go down? Whether you’re shopping for a family of five on a budget, or you’re a post-graduate paying off those student loans, couponing can save hundreds, even thousands a year.

September is National Coupon Month, and while the notion of couponing is nothing new, its resilience shows that people still love paper coupons as a way to save. Clipping paper coupons is the top savings method used by 63% of consumers, while promo codes for online or mobile purchases are used just 17% and 15%, respectively, according to a survey by "Paper is still going to predominate for a long time until shoppers and retailers move forward down the path of (digital)," Graeme McVie, vice president of business development at Precima, the retail analytics division of loyalty services company LoyaltyOne, told The New York Times.

And it’s not just moms and older folks who are into it – 82% of Millennials have used coupons from their newspaper’s offerings, according to research by Valassis, the company behind the RedPlum coupon circular. One report also found that 35% of shoppers use print and digital coupons equally, while 51% say they print out digital coupons to use in-store.

Thanks to shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing, consumers are learning that there is more wiggle room when using clipped coupons. Think buying multiple newspapers to get more than one of each coupon, compared to many digital one-time-use restrictions.

So while digital savings apps are nice, there’s nothing like holding a paper coupon in your hot little hand to save some hard-earned cash!