BBC Reports on the 'Real Killer App': Paper


Just in time for National Handwriting Day: The BBC is reporting why paper is the "real killer app." It’s no secret that if you want to remember something, then you should write it down – but this story also examines the popularity behind Bullet Journals and paper planners, and the science behind productivity on paper.

Writing things down on paper helps us stay focused and exercises our brain. But it can also help us stand out. In this digital age where e-mail is king, a handwritten letter is an easy way to leave your mark – in both personal and business correspondence. Writing a thank-you note or memorandum is something that doesn’t take much effort, but will set you worlds apart and is sure to get you noticed. So pick up a crisp note card or piece of paper, write down your thoughts and sign your name with a flourish. Make 2017 the year you improve your handwriting.