Say Hello to the Beginning of the Holiday Rush

Holiday Packaging

It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, or is it? The year 2020 ushered in online shopping like never before, enticing shoppers to take advantage of surplus stock and early deals. Holiday deals are good to find, no matter what the season and holiday packaging and seasonal branding only add to the excitement. Despite the illusion that holiday gift sets emerge into retail and e-commerce spaces overnight, brands have been at work for months creating seasonal packaging and holiday gift sets well in advance. So what will shoppers find online and on store shelves this season, and when?

Why so early? According to Facebook’s 2019 holiday shopping survey, 1 in 5 U.S. shoppers start their holiday shopping in October (or earlier!). And 2020 is unique because Amazon Prime Day was postponed from July to the beginning of fall, giving brands an opportunity to introduce seasonal packaging even earlier than the ever-popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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The Role of Packaging During Holiday Shopping

According to a 2019 study by Pregis and the University of Wisconsin, premium packaging scores 76% higher in terms of attractiveness than economy packaging. Another holiday packaging trend: going green. In fact, 62% of shoppers participating in a 2019 study on online consumer expectations said they are likelier to purchase from brands using sustainable packaging.

Given that half of shoppers surveyed in a 2019 holiday retail survey were undecided on products or seeking inspiration when they start their holiday shopping, brands have an excellent opportunity to make a great first impression throughout the holiday season (and beyond).

Stellar Paper Packaging of Holidays Past

In previous years, a variety of brands from beauty to chocolate used paper to create standout holiday packaging.

Urban Decay packaging
Photo courtesy of Urban Decay. 

Fun and Functional

Brands such as Urban Decay  have used metallic paper packaging to create ornaments that house fun beauty treats to hang on the tree or stuff in stockings.

Oh Nuts Packaging
Photo courtesy of Oh! Nuts.

Other brands have used paper to create Advent calendar holiday gift sets that provide a countdown function while generating excitement. Each day leading up to the holiday, recipients get to open and enjoy a gift, like a beauty sample or a chocolate — as is the case with the Oh! Nuts Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar.

No Wrapping Required

Half of Americans say they’ll rewrap their gifts if they don’t look good on the first try, which means that brands have an opportunity to deliver gifts without wrapping required. Given this, it makes sense that a fragrance brand would put scents in premium gold packaging that feels fancy without gift-givers having to locate scissors and tape.

On a similar note, this seasonal beer out of Texas is packaged in a recyclable red, green and white box with an illustrated gift-wrap ribbon, making it easy for shoppers to place this box of cheerful brews under the tree, on a friend’s doorstep or atop the office’s white elephant table.

Packaged with a Personal Touch

Speaking of spirits, Maker's Mark whisky offers a one-of-a-kind gift through its personalized label program; though available year-round, these paper-based labels are most popular during the holidays. Customers can customize the label by selecting a special holiday message to appear on the bottle as well as the recipient’s name and the date.

Maker's Mark
Photo courtesy of Maker’s Mark.

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